Sunday, January 10, 2010

An artist we love

Have you noticed the new art hanging in the "tunnel" leading to the play area at Wonderwild? Some people thought it was decorative strips of wall paper artfully cut into a collage, but no. It's a painting by fine artist Clarence Chun. He's Yale educated, but also graduated from the University of Houston's School of Art. With an MFA from New York's prestigious SVA, he's extremely well-rounded. Check out his work at Wonderwild closely the next time you are in. In the meantime, here's a taste of Clarence's other works and his artist statement below.

Artist Statement

Technology has shaped my life since I played my first pong video game. Technology has not only changed the way we receive and distribute information, but also how we interpret and see information. The speed at which images bombard us, whether in magazines, on television, or surfing the information super highway, alters how we absorb them. We are forced to develop a way to filter information, whether whole or fragmented. The relationship of speed, time, and memory fascinates me. My paintings bear witness to a particular moment in time and are memories of personal events. For example, I mentally record things, which captivates me during a dinner with my girlfriend. I take notice of the pattern on her dress or the salt and pepper shaker. My paintings and drawings also feed off of video games, the history of abstraction, Chinese landscapes, manga comics, anime and other sources. The medley of sources is orchestrated to create or reconstruct a personal environment within the painting in which a new kind of sense is made. An environment in which beautiful and the absurd, the sacred and the mundane cooperate.

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