Monday, December 7, 2009

Leah White performing for New Year's Eve Party in London- at Wonderwild

Wonderwild is excited to announce that Leah White will be performing during the New Year's Eve Party in London on Thursday December 31st! Don't forget to buy your tickets in advance!
Leah is the winner of the Nickelodeon's Parent's Choice Award for Best Entertainer/ Music for 2009! Her music is the perfect alternative for original and rockin' children's music. It's not just for children, but for moms and dads too! Check out her latest album released in Sept. 2009, A White Christmas. It's classic Christmas music that you've never heard before and inspired/ written based on Mom's feedback on what they feel is the essence of a modern family's holiday season.
Now, we all need a little more of what Mom thinks this holiday season, don't you think?!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

CLASSES start in January 2010 - FREE CLASS PASS!

We're excited to introduce classes for kids at Wonderwild starting in January. Our class schedule is here. And for an introductory time, we're offering a FREE CLASS PASS! That means you can check out our first class for free--just give us a call at 832-863-3275 to rsvp for the particular class that you are interested in.

If you want to enroll (before 1/31/10), we have a special promotion going on where we'll give you $20 off the class fee of $150. Get a friend to join and receive an additional $10 off!

Sign up for classes for kids in art, music, baby movement and development, yoga for kids, and martial arts with a sports twist!

Above are a few pics--examples of what kids would do in the MY ART GALLERY class. Here, the kids have done self portraits using lost and found objects. We had a BLAST making them!! My favorite is the one where the child said he drew a picture of himself waking up out of bed and had FIRE coming out of his ears!!