Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super Hero Party at Wonderwild

You've got to check out this cake. Hands down one of the BEST cakes ever depicting a boy's love for all things SUPER HERO.

With our Super Duper Hero Party package, you even get giant super heroes blasting through the walls! Be a hero at your kids party and book a Super Duper Hero Party with us today!

Let It Rip!

Here's an event that we did in May (yes, it's been a busy summer!!)--a beyblade competition! We had dozens of competitors show up with their beyblades and their stadiums and boy, did we LET IT RIP! Winners from each age class walked away with the title as Beyblade Champion and a medal.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Costume Party at Wonderwild

WOW! What a turn out! All the princesses and super heroes of Houston showed up for a fabulous party at Wonderwild. We started off the festivities with an Easter egg hunt.
Here's Princess Harriet with her bounty. She did not need the help of any Prince to get her eggs, thank you very much!

Iron Man Mike channels his inner Travolta while showing off his eggs.

A tower of princesses searching for eggs!

We also had face painting with Anita, who did some amazing work including this army inspired clone trooper.
Yoda (Fidel) was busy using his Jedi powers to create his balloon art.

Then Tom of Tom's Fun Band showed up and ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! Can you say BUBBLES?!!!

And we must thank SushiPOP for their amazing selection of goodies for our party!!! If you love sushi (and even if you don't--they have lots of non-sushi options), you have to try this place (located on Katy Freeway near Memorial City Mall).
We would also like to thank the amazing Green Plate Kids for their yummy desserts (which everyone ate first)! Now that's how I like to start my dinner.
And to top it all off, as kids left the party, we had Shannon from SnowDog Ice Cream in the parking lot helping kids to cool off with a scrumptious array of ice cream.

Folks, you don't want to miss our next event! Make sure you email us at and get on our mailing list! And check out our calendar of events for the next great party at Wonderwild.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonderwild's Princess Party

What's pink, purple, white and pretty all over? It's the Wonderwild Princess Party! Here's a picture of a pretty princess party for one special princess celebrating at Wonderwild. There were over 54 balloons strewn all over the ceiling.

Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

Zoinks! Check out this amazing cake made by A Piece of Cake for our very special birthday boy. Scooby Doo and his friends are all edible! The mystery van hides the cake.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome to ANDYROO!

We have a new children's musician in town! His name is ANDYROO and the kids love to brush brush brush their teeth with him, play hopscotch and make noises like monkeys. He has played at the Houston Rodeo and appears frequently at the Children's Museum.

Check out his website and download his new music--you can download "Hopscotch" for free! He has a magical way of appealing to kids and adults. Andy performs frequently for private parties at Wonderwild, most recently playing for a school who came in to party with us!

A Super Cake

Up up and away! It's an awesome super duper cake! Wow, this cake looks simple but it's very very difficult to get the fondant to look like fabric! No detail was overlooked--even the tray that the cake was on was wrapped in shiny red foil.