Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I bet you didn't know we let tigers into Wonderwild! Cindy, our staff face painter, had fun face painting these two wild animals.

Drum Party

Mr. T. took a break from recording his new album and lead a drum party at Wonderwild. You might have heard us because we were SO LOUD!!! Everyone brought their pots and pans and "drumsticks" and rocked out!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jedi Warrior Training

The first Jedi Warrior Training Club meeting was a supreme hit! We had over twenty-five boys show up with their light saber (some with two). Master Jedi Obi Wan Aaron showed the boys some basic light saber techniques. While practicing their steps, who should show up--DARTH VADER! The kids had a blast (literally) and so did the adults watching.

The next event features a guest appearance by the indomitable green one (Yoda) and is by RSVP only and is on Tuesday, May 25 at 4pm! Reserve your spot today! We only have a few training positions left! May the force be with you!

Mother's Day Craft

Here's a mom (hey, that's me!) sporting her son's Mother's Day crafts over at Wonderwild last Tuesday. All the kids that showed up made fabulous bracelets and necklaces for their mom. No gift is better than one made with love.