Sunday, April 11, 2010

Elephant Art at Wonderwild

We have some amazing new art at Wonderwild--it's urban, architectural, a bit eerie, and believe it or not, done mostly with spray paint! Artist Daniel Angeliu made his mark on the white walls of the Wonderwild play area last week. It was fun to see him "tag" our walls with his unique brand.

And just yesterday, we were at Discovery Green for the electronic music festival and who should we see on the lawn of the green? But Daniel! His beautiful tree was done on a donated portion of a billboard!! Go Daniel!!!

Tea for then some!

Our very first tea party back in March was so much fun. We discussed what it takes to be a good friend and how we can make new ones. Join us again Friday April 16 at 4:15pm for our next party! Bring your stuffed animals or dolls!