Thursday, December 3, 2009

CLASSES start in January 2010 - FREE CLASS PASS!

We're excited to introduce classes for kids at Wonderwild starting in January. Our class schedule is here. And for an introductory time, we're offering a FREE CLASS PASS! That means you can check out our first class for free--just give us a call at 832-863-3275 to rsvp for the particular class that you are interested in.

If you want to enroll (before 1/31/10), we have a special promotion going on where we'll give you $20 off the class fee of $150. Get a friend to join and receive an additional $10 off!

Sign up for classes for kids in art, music, baby movement and development, yoga for kids, and martial arts with a sports twist!

Above are a few pics--examples of what kids would do in the MY ART GALLERY class. Here, the kids have done self portraits using lost and found objects. We had a BLAST making them!! My favorite is the one where the child said he drew a picture of himself waking up out of bed and had FIRE coming out of his ears!!

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