Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wonderwild Halloween Parties!

The weather looked rather frightful on Thursday but we had no fear as we started setting up for our Friday night festival! Over 125 people packed into our 7200 square feet of space. Tom's Fun Band http://www.tomsfunband.com did a stupendous job performing for all the kids and then Tyagaraja closed the evening by taking it to another level for the enjoyment of the adults (while the kids played on and on and on).

Saturday we had an equal amount of people but a much younger crowd. There was free pizza. Awesome coffee from our favorite coffee shop in the heights ANTIDOTE! Drinks, pumpkin cookies and cheesy popcorn from Whole Foods. And free frozen yogurt from Berripop! At the end of the evening, we gave out Wonderwild bags with free Wonderwild tshirts and a stuffed animal friend to go trick or treating with.

We hope everyone had a great time!! The only tears we witnessed were from kids who didn't want to leave at the end of the evening.

Currently, Wonderwild is closed in order to install some new equipment.

Hope to see you all soon for our first day of open play, Monday, November 9 (projected date)!

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