Monday, July 20, 2009

She can sing, too

Wonderwild is proud to present our artist-in-residence Lisa Marie Godfrey. We think the world of her and can't wait to unveil her installation.

"Drawn from conventions of anime, underground comics and the pink-and-turquoise universe of fairy princess toys, Godfrey's angst is that of an adolescent, looking backwards at childhood through the lens of grown-up anxieties. It's the glass-unicorn effect, emphasizing the purity and fragility of childish innocence." - Bill Davenport

Lisa Marie Godfrey (born August 24, 1981) is an American dreamy-folk singer and fine artist based in Houston, TX, where she was born. She studied at The Glassel School of Art in Houston, where she focused on painting, drawing and printmaking. Her works on paper are often combined with small sculptures, found objects, and direct wall painting. She likes to create site specific installations where a personal narrative is always present whether speaking through self representational characters or dreamy landscapes.

Things from the past such as vintage cabinet card photographs, children's books, letters and postcards serve as inspiration as she tries to analyze and understand the past, present, her dreams and reality. Lisa has exhibited in Houston, Austin, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Ottawa and Montreal; and is scheduled for a solo show at Domy Books, Austin, December of 2009. Besides expressing herself visually, she is a self-taught guitarist and singer who started a solo music project titled Air Castle Mystery Solved in March of 2009. Her music has been described as "A cautious relief, like a foot in a cloud..." She is planning to release her first album in November of 2009.

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